Why Face Oils Are Important

The idea of using face oils instead of our typical moisturizer can be scary. It’s hard to consider that now may be the time for a change in your skincare routine. But face oils can just be the key that sets you on your way to gorgeous complexion.

The best part about face oils, is that they harmonize with your skin’s natural oils to give you all the positives without any of the negatives of your regular moisturizers. Let’s get into the details of it, as to why exactly you should be switching to face oils.

Face Oils are home to vitamins and antioxidants: Most moisturizers contain mineral oil, which we know is a byproduct of petroleum. These do nothing to provide nutrients or help your skin, and instead, can cause long-term damage. Face oils, on the other hand, contain natural oils which help your skin stay moist while conditioning your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. This helps to protect your skin from any damage.

Face Oils hydrate and prevent irritation: By keeping your skin hydrated, and locking in the moisture, face oils prevent any form of irritation, rash or inflammation from forming on your skin. It adds another layer of defense against these common problems. With face oils, you never have to worry about dry skin ever again.

Face Oils have anti-aging effects: By keeping the moisture locked in your skin, face oils help to promote a healthy glow to your skin. Find yourself looking younger as a face oil can help your skin offset the lack of natural oils it generates as you grow older.

Say goodbye to skin blemishes: The natural nutrients and vitamins in face oils are the best defense against any kind of skin blemish. Suntans will also cease to become a problem as long as you introduce face oils into your daily routine.

Now you know why you should be using a face oil. But which one should you use? We’ve got you covered!Amlaki’s Skin Glowing Oil is perfect for dry, dull skin and it will be that extra layer of protection your skin needs! It’s 100% organic so you know it will be wondrous for your skin as it helps to supplement your skin’s natural oils. Put your trust in Amlaki for all your organic beauty care. Stay healthy and stay beautiful.

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