Staying Fresh in the Summer

The summer heat is an all-around nightmare. The heat can be unbearable, hot flashes are common, we’re constantly sweating, and our skin becomes dry and rough. We dread going outside, and that’s even without the pandemic. But, staying fresh is easier than you think. Follow these simple few tips to stay fresh and healthy this summer.

Make sure to drink water – Feeling tired and hungry when you shouldn’t be? You’re probably not drinking enough water. While normally you’d want to drink 2 liters of water a day, you should be increasing that to 2.5 liters or even 3 liters during the summer.

Eat healthy – Constantly eating meat and oily fast food can lead to your cholesterol levels rising and your body health deteriorating. Make sure you get your daily intake of food and vegetables in, and this is even more important during the summer. They’re rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Not only are they good for your health, they help to keep you looking fresh and lively.

Exercise – This might seem like quite a task, especially in the summer. But exercising daily, especially in the morning, leads to your body releasing endorphins, and then you can start the day off feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Proper meal times – Stick to a proper schedule for your meals, and definitely don’t skimp out on your food intake. Your body needs more energy during the summer. You especially want to have a proper breakfast, so you start your day off pumped up and full of energy!

Moisturize – Dry and rough skin is such a common problem during the summer. Always keep a moisturizer handy, your skin will thank you for it. Go for the organic route with Amlaki’s Goodness Oil, it’s got everything you need to keep your skin healthy, smooth and soft!

Wash your hair – Don’t worry! It’s a common myth that washing your hair will ruin it. You don’t need to shampoo and condition your hair everyday but a dry wash will always help. Amlaki Signature Hair Oil, Amlaki Hair Pack and one of our shampoos will be your best friend in keeping your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful during this dreadful summer heat!

Fresh airy clothes – Wear fresh comfortable airy clothing every day! Never keep wearing the same clothes for days in a row, as the fresh clothes will help you smell and look fresh. Definitely wear something that lets your skin breathe, so it stays looking bright and healthy.

Sleep properly – Life can get hectic and when it does, the first thing that always goes out the window is a proper sleep schedule. Never compromise on your sleep. Your physical and mental health matter, and you need to give your body the proper rest it so badly needs. Get your beauty sleep in for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

Looking fresh during the summer isn’t something that needs a lot of effort or time to get right, it’s just a matter of treating your body right. Trust in organic products, and natural methods to keep your body in perfect shape, and staying fresh during the summer is a guarantee.

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