Orange Flower Toner


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Orange flower is a natural astringent which helps unclog pores and clean the skin from within. This is our answer to the growing pollution in our cities.


Put orange flower toner to a cotton ball, and rub on a newly cleaned and dried face with slight pressure to remove build-up in pores. Orange flower toner has wide variety of uses. Try one of these ways to add youthful suppleness to your skin and peace on your mind.

Ingredients :

Citrus Aurartium Amara Flower Water.

Benefits :

Orange flower water is a natural astringent and contains ant- microbial properties; providing the skin with a fresh feeling by removing excess dirt and oil that clog pores. This organic facial toner helps you to flaunt healthy brightening skin.


For external use only and keep your eyes out of reach when applying. Keep away from children.
Keep it in a dry place and under normal room temperature. The product can be used for 6 months after it has been opened.

Please drink 8 glasses of water and eat 5 vegetables a day.

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  1. Ferdoushi Begum

    Their product is really so good. I took so many product from them .

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