Jade Facial Massager


৳ 1,350.00

Made from a special stone procured from China, this tightens the skin and is a great new addition to your regular CTM routine.


Thoroughly cleanse your face with your favourite facial cleanser. Apply a moisturizer or serum on your face. With mild pressure, start rolling this Jade facial massager in one direction from the nose outward. Continue rolling outward from the chin to your jaw line with the smaller roller- gently roll outward below and above the eye to reduce puffiness.

Ingredients :

Our Jade roller is made from 100% pure Jade and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits :

The most well-known benefits of using a jade roller includes reducing inflammation and puffiness of the skin, reducing the appearance of under eye circles, stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation, brightening complexion, tightening pores, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Keep it in a dry place and under normal room temperature. The product can be used for 6 months after it has been opened.

Please drink 8 glasses of water and eat 5 vegetables a day

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  1. Zahida Sattar

    Simply amazing!!!

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