Amlaki Signature Hair Oil


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This is a handmade oil infused with all the goodness to nourish, soften and strengthen your hair. Our hair oil is also effective against dandruff if used regularly. This also doubles as a body oil to soothe and relax your muscles.

Herbal hair oils are natural oil products with essential properties to treat hair problems like thinning of hair and dry or flaky scalp. These oils are used not only for moisturizing purposes but also to promote hair growth, improve circulation of blood in the scalp, prevent dandruff and add volume to the hair shaft. Here are some herbal hair oils you can use to nourish your hair. Massage your scalp with these herbal oils regularly to get rich and lustrous hair.

Amlaki Hair Oil Benefits:

This oil is full of goodness blending all 100% natural organic oils and herbs which are full of vitamins and mineral. It will promote your hair growth, Will make your hair soft and shiny.Very good for your scalp health. It will cure your dandruff and any kind of hair problem such as split end roughness etc. To see the result you need to use it regularly. This oil could also be used for body massage and it can help you to reduce any kind of muscle pain and arthritis pain. As a herbalist/Nutrition I designed this oil for your benefits and also want to introduce chemical free natural solution to you.

Olive oil is inexpensive and easy to find. Rich in linoleic (omega-6) and linolenic acid (omega-3) essential fatty acids and vitamins E and K, olive oil gives a moisturizing protective coat to the hair shaft. ( Ref : )

Castor Oil, stimulates the scalp, encouraging new and healthy hair growth while sealing the hair shaft and protecting against breaks and split ends. Castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid, one of the essential amino acids required by the human body. This fatty acid penetrates into the hair follicles, providing nourishment and enabling the hair follicles to restore growth to a normal level.

Avocado oil is rich in proteins, healthy fats and amino acids. It also contains vitamins A, D, E and B6. The proteins will help repair your hair’s cuticles, minimizing the damage that’s already been done and preventing future breakage and splits.

Almond oil is a lightweight oil which makes it ideal for fine hair. It’s easily absorbed and will lock in moisture without adding weight or greasy residue to your hair. High in essential fats, proteins and magnesium, use almond oil as a hot oil treatment to nourish your hair and give incredible shine.

Direction: Warm the oil according to your need and massage in to your scalp very well and leave it for at least 30 min or you can leave it overnight. Steam your hair and wash your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner.You need to use this Oil at least 3 times a week.If you have any allergic reaction to using this oil, Please stop immediately. Please drink 8 glass of water everyday and your 5 a day (V).

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Nuts Oil, Castor Oil and all my secrets herb recipes which is 100% organic and safe. All my ingredients sourced from around the world.

4 reviews for Amlaki Signature Hair Oil

  1. برستي الإسلام

    It’s a magic hair oil.. It works just speechless Thanx mam for this oil this oil Made my hair sooo smooth and strong also shining my hair ..

  2. Farzana Imam Shumi

    Just 2 weeks holo Amloki er hair oil ta use korchi…and er moddhei ami amar hair er changes dekhte pacchi!! Mone hocche amar chul new life pelo!! It makes my hair smooth and shiny!! I loved it!! Using it regularly!!
    Thanks a lotttt!! Keep up the good work Amloki! All the very Best!!

  3. Ayesha Akhter Shoma

    Best Herbal Products for sensitive Skin & Hair..Amlaki Hair oil just amazing…I love it..💕💕

  4. সুরাইয়া আক্তার ডলি

    The signature Amlaki hair oil works very well… I rebound and color my hair every now & then so my hair became rough & looked dry and also have extreme hair fall.After using this hair oil for 1 month (weekly 1/2 days) I felt a huge difference, my hair became soft & it reduced my hair fall,also it makes my hair growth faster
    I love lip changed my lip texture..
    I also love Amlaki cleansing powder and moringa powder as they reduce oil from my mother also love this cleansing powder.
    As I am not using Amlaki face oil regularly can’t give any review.
    Thanks Amlaki

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