Amlaki Signature Clay Mask


৳ 595.00

Our Clay Mask is made from naturally occurring ingredients along the Jamuna basin. It helps minimise pore and smoothen out any bumps. It tightens the skin – works great as an anti-aging mask.


Mix with normal water and make paste according to your need apply on clean face. Leave it until it’s dry then wash with warm water and at the end wash with very cold water to close your pores, then moisture your face. Use twice a week. Advise when you make paste please use plastic spoon and bowl.


Fuller earth, Licorice, Orange peel powder, Amla powder, Sandalwood, Rose patel.


This high antioxidant clay mask will remove toxin from your face. Will help reduce acne, Blemishes minimize pores and remove white heads and black heads. With regular use it will brighten your face. Very good for remove pigmentation.


Keep normal room temperature in dry place, product can be used during 3 months after opening.

Please drink 8 glasses of water and eat 5 vegetables a day.

4 reviews for Amlaki Signature Clay Mask

  1. Orrnnika Oom Mourin

    totally amazing result. clay mask is really great. thanks Amlaki

  2. Maliha Khan Seba

    ১ মাস আগের কথা আমার ব্রণ আর ডার্ক স্পট ছিল, পরে আমি Amlaki এর প্রোডাক্ট দেখি এবং আপু কে নক দেই পরে আমার ফেইস এর ছবি দেখে আমাকে cleansing powder and clay mask সাজেশন দেয়
    এখন আলহামদুলিল্লাহ আমার ফেইস এ ব্রণ আর ডার্ক স্পট নেই এখন যাও আছে তাও ইনশাল্লাহ কমে যাবে
    love this products
    thanks a lot Amlaki😍😍

  3. Sirin Sumi

    I use clay mask .It is good .4 weeks regularly use clay mask and I get pimple acne rashes and small spot of pimple free skin and also say its smell is natural and fresh thank you amlaki and nandita apu to given a beautiful product and so many bless.long live amlaki.

  4. Nigar Sultana

    their products are 💯 natural….their cleansing powder is the best…. love amlaki products a lot…. hope Nandita Apu lounch suscream very soon….

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