Lavender Body Wash


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: This cleanses your skin entirely and removes all its toxins. This will leave your skin squeaky clean and bright.


Just take few spoon of Brightening Lavender Body wash and make paste based on your needs. Mix this paste with water and rub on your body. Then wash it off while taking a shower. You will feel fresh and high-spirited with the aroma adding to the mood. Those who have dry skin, can add yogurt while making the paste.

Ingredients :

Mix Lentils, Rice scrub, Amla powder, Lavender, Rose powder, Sandalwood.

Benefits :

This herbal lavender body wash powder will work as a cleanser for your body. It will give your skin a luminous glow while removing dirt. French lavender will calm your skin with its soothing properties acting wonder


Keep it in a dry place and under normal room temperature. The product can be used for 6 months after it has been opened.

Please drink 8 glasses of water and eat 5 vegetables a day

2 reviews for Lavender Body Wash

  1. Md Rifat

    My Sister used the product and she liked it too much. I also used there Lavender Body Wash. It is too good. After shower you Feel very fresh like Menthol.

  2. Burk Nafeesa Ema

    I have became a fan of lavender body wash 😍😍 it makes my skin smooth & soft.

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