Fight Hair Loss With These Easy Steps

It is a normal observable fact, so there is no need to be anxious over a handful of follicles falling off. There could be numerous reasons for hair loss which include genetics, pollution, stress, medications, mineral deficiency, and diet. Wearing a helmet, hat or cap could also be another cause in men.

Let’s check out some of the solutions to help deal with or reduce hair loss.

 Keep chemicals at bay

Permanent hair color products and harsh chemicals could be harmful to your hair health. When you are undergoing hair loss, it is recommended not to color your hair.

 Pay attention to your overall health

Health issues are heralds of hair loss. Make sure you take care of chronic illness, infections, and high fevers by the book to guarantee healthy hair.

 Massage your scalp with essential oils

Those who have been undergoing hair loss for quite some time should massage the scalp with the best hair fall control oil in Bangladesh for a couple of minutes. It aids your hair follicles to stay active. You can also add lavender in a sesame or almond oil.

 Keep your head free of sweat

Men with oily hair, undergo dandruff at the time of summer owing to sweating and the odds of hair fall rises. Using shampoos that have neem and aloe vera can keep the head fresh and put off dandruff. Alson men who put on helmet undergo major hair loss during summer. As the sweat buildups in the pores and deteriorates hair roots leading to hair loss in men. So putting on a bandanna or scarf over your hair or a terry cloth headband can avert hair loss.


Reports in the past have found medicinal proof to associate stress with hair loss. De-stress yourself, one of the ways of doing it is by performing meditation. Alternative therapies like yoga and meditation not only decrease stress but reinstates hormonal balance.

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