Benefits of using a hair pack

It’s summer, so you know you’re going to have face a hundred different problems with your hair. Dried out hair, hair loss, dandruff, split ends, dry and itchy scalp – there’s just so many different things to worry about. This is where a hair pack comes in to save the day!

Amlaki’s Signature Hair Pack is our 100% natural and organic answer to all your everyday hair problems. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a hair pack:

Smooth and Shiny Hair: A hair pack is an easy way to achieve smooth and shiny hair. Using it just once a week helps to rid your hair of all the grease and dirt. It creates a barrier between your hair and all the harsh elements that it comes in contact with, such as, severe heat, rain, strong wind etc.

Repairs Hair Damage: Over the course of time, your hair gets damaged and the hair cuticles can break or fall. Hair masks are a great way to repair this damage as the nutrients in a hair mask can help strengthen the strands of your hair.

Rehydrates your Hair: Dry hair is one of the most uncomfortable issues for anyone to deal with. Hair packs keep your hair hydrated by moisturizing and nourishing it. All the beneficial minerals and vitamins seep into your hair and scalp from the hair pack, resulting in soft and healthy hair.

Immediate Effect: Hair masks have an almost-immediate effect on your hair. In just a week, you can start seeing improvements, and within just a month or two you will be rewarded with the beautiful, healthy and glossy hair you were looking for!

Natural Ingredients: Amlaki’s Signature Hair Pack is packed to the brim with some of the best natural restorative ingredients, such as, Curry leaf powder, Methi powder, Amlaki powder, Shikaki and Ritha. These organic ingredients are incredibly effective at healing, cleansing and moisturizing your hair, while also easing any sort of tension on your scalp. The best part is, since they are natural, there are absolutely no toxins or chemicals in them and you never have to worry about side effects!

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