About Amlaki

Amlaki is a 100% chemical free brand. It sticks to its core belief of making lives less synthetic by the day. It has steadily become one of the most trusted names for herbal products. Amlaki’s product line is exhaustive and has something for everybody. Amlaki has infused age old recipes with the best of the modern world. It’s a win win situation!

About Nandita

Nandita brings to the brand years of experience both practically and with her academic expertise. She is a herbalist and has a degree in Phytotherapy from the School of Natural Health Sciences from the United Kingdom. To enhance her business acumen, Nandita also got an MBA degree from Cardiff University. She was working as a banker when she realised that her heart lies in Bangladesh. Her grandfather was a renowned Ayurveda specialist in Narsingdi, Bangladesh. Amlaki was born out of the passion he instilled in her.

In her twenty years outside Bangladesh, Nandita realised that the Western brands were emulating our understanding of Ayurveda and indigenous herbs in their product line, while we were moving rampantly towards chemicals. Amlaki aims to combat that belief and re instil our faith in natural ingredients. Nandita wants to make Amlaki a premier Made in Bangladesh brand.

Our Vision

Amlaki strives to be one of the most sought after name in the industry- In Bangladesh and globally. We want to resonate with the aspirations of a modern Bangladeshi woman.

Our Mission

Amlaki’s whole and sole purpose is to put the herbal industry at the very fore as a way of sustainable and wholesome living. We want to bring back to all the things your grandmother suggested for clear skin, only without the hassle.