Benefits of using a hair pack

It’s summer, so you know you’re going to have face a hundred different problems with your hair. Dried out hair, hair loss, dandruff, split ends, dry and itchy scalp – there’s just so many different things to worry about. This is where a hair pack comes in to save the day!

Amlaki’s Signature Hair Pack is our 100% natural and organic answer to all your everyday hair problems. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a hair pack:

Smooth and Shiny Hair: A hair pack is an easy way to achieve smooth and shiny hair. Using it just once a week helps to rid your hair of all the grease and dirt. It creates a barrier between your hair and all the harsh elements that it comes in contact with, such as, severe heat, rain, strong wind etc.

Repairs Hair Damage: Over the course of time, your hair gets damaged and the hair cuticles can break or fall. Hair masks are a great way to repair this damage as the nutrients in a hair mask can help strengthen the strands of your hair.

Rehydrates your Hair: Dry hair is one of the most uncomfortable issues for anyone to deal with. Hair packs keep your hair hydrated by moisturizing and nourishing it. All the beneficial minerals and vitamins seep into your hair and scalp from the hair pack, resulting in soft and healthy hair.

Immediate Effect: Hair masks have an almost-immediate effect on your hair. In just a week, you can start seeing improvements, and within just a month or two you will be rewarded with the beautiful, healthy and glossy hair you were looking for!

Natural Ingredients: Amlaki’s Signature Hair Pack is packed to the brim with some of the best natural restorative ingredients, such as, Curry leaf powder, Methi powder, Amlaki powder, Shikaki and Ritha. These organic ingredients are incredibly effective at healing, cleansing and moisturizing your hair, while also easing any sort of tension on your scalp. The best part is, since they are natural, there are absolutely no toxins or chemicals in them and you never have to worry about side effects!

Personal Organic Care

Why should you consider switching to organic products for your personal care?The answer, surprisingly, is more obvious than ever. It’s about being conscious. Being conscious of what you put on or into your body, being conscious of the effect lab-created products have and being conscious of the damage to the environment and yourself caused by the production and use of lab-created products. Let’s elaborate on the key differences between the organic and synthetic lifestyle.

Skin Absorption: Did you know our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it? All the beauty products you use on your skin can and will be absorbed by your skin. It’s important to be aware of all the ingredients present in a beauty product because you need to know what’s going into your body. This is where organic products shine as it’s nature’s own ingredients entering and nourishing your body, compared to synthetic products which are packed with toxins and chemicals that can have long-lasting effects on your skin and health.

Toxins: This is fairly simple. Organic products of all form and shape, where it be beauty products, clothing or food contain fewer or no toxins compared to synthetic products as they contain natural and undiluted ingredients.

Just as effective: Organic products do everything just as well than their synthetic counterparts. In some cases, they’re even better. Organic clothing is just as comfortable and helps support a sustainable lifestyle. Organic food isn’t diluted by any preservatives or chemicals, and are not only healthier but tastier as well. Organic beauty products work wonders for your beauty goals, without any of the devastating side effects of synthetic products.

A healthier life: All dimensions of an organic lifestyle promotes a long and healthy life, without being bogged down by the many illnesses and issues caused by synthetic products. Not only is your physical health benefited from switching to an organic lifestyle, but you will find yourself improving in your mental health as well as having a much more positive outlook on life.

Environmental effects: Chemicals used in production of any form of synthetic goods cause irreversible damage to our earth and the environment. Pesticides and insecticides are not only poison for your body, but they poison our planet too. Mega corporations dump all their toxic waste into the land, forever damaging it. It’s time to stop supporting the very engines of commercial manufacturers who are destroying our planet.

We at Amlaki, greatly advocate for all our patrons to enjoy an organic lifestyle, and our beauty products are the fruit of our efforts to provide you with the best entirely natural, safe and effective organic beauty option. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to an organic lifestyle and live a happier and healthier life.

Why Face Oils Are Important

The idea of using face oils instead of our typical moisturizer can be scary. It’s hard to consider that now may be the time for a change in your skincare routine. But face oils can just be the key that sets you on your way to gorgeous complexion.

The best part about face oils, is that they harmonize with your skin’s natural oils to give you all the positives without any of the negatives of your regular moisturizers. Let’s get into the details of it, as to why exactly you should be switching to face oils.

Face Oils are home to vitamins and antioxidants: Most moisturizers contain mineral oil, which we know is a byproduct of petroleum. These do nothing to provide nutrients or help your skin, and instead, can cause long-term damage. Face oils, on the other hand, contain natural oils which help your skin stay moist while conditioning your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. This helps to protect your skin from any damage.

Face Oils hydrate and prevent irritation: By keeping your skin hydrated, and locking in the moisture, face oils prevent any form of irritation, rash or inflammation from forming on your skin. It adds another layer of defense against these common problems. With face oils, you never have to worry about dry skin ever again.

Face Oils have anti-aging effects: By keeping the moisture locked in your skin, face oils help to promote a healthy glow to your skin. Find yourself looking younger as a face oil can help your skin offset the lack of natural oils it generates as you grow older.

Say goodbye to skin blemishes: The natural nutrients and vitamins in face oils are the best defense against any kind of skin blemish. Suntans will also cease to become a problem as long as you introduce face oils into your daily routine.

Now you know why you should be using a face oil. But which one should you use? We’ve got you covered!Amlaki’s Skin Glowing Oil is perfect for dry, dull skin and it will be that extra layer of protection your skin needs! It’s 100% organic so you know it will be wondrous for your skin as it helps to supplement your skin’s natural oils. Put your trust in Amlaki for all your organic beauty care. Stay healthy and stay beautiful.

Benefits of Organic Care for Babies

Being a parent can easily overcome the best of us. There are so many decisions to consider when we think of the wellbeing of our children. It can be nerve-wracking, deciding what would be best for our children. But the answer is much simpler than you might think.

Always Choose Organic.

The most prominent reason for going organic, is because a baby’s skincare requirements are very different from ours. Their skin can be as much as five times thinner than a grown adult; and so, they’re far more prone to side-effects from synthetic products and harmful chemical agents. Their childhood is a tender period of growth, where they are most vulnerable to the toxins used to create chemical products. Give your child the future they deserve by choosing to go organic.

Here are some other reasons why you should switch to organic care for babies:

Oils – Mass marketed baby oils contain mineral oil which is a byproduct of Petroleum refinement. These oils can clog the pores in your baby’s skin and make it excruciatingly difficult for the skin to breathe. It can also cause vitamin deficiencies. On the other hand, organic oils are made from natural sources. These oils don’t have any chemical additives and are perfectly safe, resulting in smooth and healthy skin for your baby.

Lotions – Mass marketed lotions contain Phthalates and Parabens, both of which are chemical agents that can cause irreversible damage to your baby’s body. Phthalates can result in liver and kidney damage, as well as damage to their reproductive organs. Parabens have been known to cause severe allergic reactions, even in adults. Use organic baby lotions as they don’t contain any of these chemicals and can keep your baby’s skin moisturized and healthy.

Clothing and Food – Most clothing and baby food available are made from crops that have exposed to pesticides and insecticides. These clothes and food items are essentially poison for your baby. These clothes can cause irritation on your baby’s skin, and can result in rashes. A lot of the chemicals used in the production of these clothes can seep into their bodies and cause long-term damage. Similarly, baby food can contain synthetic hormones that are fed to nonorganic animals. This can severely damage your baby’s body by developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Choose comfortable organic clothing and organic food for your baby to ensure they have a happy and healthy childhood.

Environmental Damage – Mass produced chemical and synthetic products contribute to the destruction of our environment. It’s time to take a stand against these products that have led to such a dramatic climate change. Say yes to a greener earth, and support organic products.